Recent Insider Transactions

Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
barr thomas h Director 2,951 View
Biglari, Sardar Beneficial Owner (10% or more) 1,275,190 View
bradford james w Director 6,628 View
Carmichael, Beverly K. Officer 500 View
ciavarra christopher alex Officer 17,187 View
Cochran, Sandra B. Officer 129,908 View
couvillion p doug Officer 0 View
daily laura a Officer 5,490 View
davenport glenn a. Director 4,951 View
Dobkin, Richard J. Director 18,854 View
flanagan nicholas v Officer 22,533 View
Greene, Edward A. Officer 8,900 View
Hyatt, Lawrence E. Officer 34,305 View
Johnson, Norman e Director 2,607 View
Lion Fund Ii, L.p. Beneficial Owner (10% or more) 3,462,604 View
mccarten william w Director 3,992 View
peterson coleman Director 3,992 View
steak n shake operations inc. Other 18,700 View
Weiss, Andrea M. Director 9,932 View
zylstra michael j Officer 1,603 View

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